digital catalog

Today, times have really changed. Print-only media has taken a back seat to the convenience of its digital counterparts. Online catalogs offer the same information as a printed catalog and can be “flipped through” with a swipe or a click.


LAFCO 2018-2019 Sample pages

Sample pages from LAFCO 2018 - 2019 digital catalog

Our continuous collaboration with a talented photographer and team Antonis Achilleos ( and the amazing prop styling by Christopher White ( and team.

By going digital our prospective buyers, loyal customers, and sales reps can easily and conveniently browse through all of our offerings. There's no denying the tangibility of a print catalog but to reach a newer client market - we change with the times.

Spring 2018 Volume 7 (
Fall 2019 Volume 8 (link in the works) but sample pages provided